Mariusz Wilczyński

Mariusz Wilczyński, fot. Janusz Marynowski

photo Janusz Marynowski

Mariusz Wilczyński director of animated films, performer

Mariusz Wilczyński is an author of animated films and performer, presenting live animation performances. He is a professor at the Animation Department of the ŁódźFilmSchool(Poland). He is the only Polish maker of animated films who had a retrospective of his work shown in theMuseumofModern ArtinNew York(2007).

He also had retrospectives in, among others, Anthology Film Archives (New York, 2006),PretoriaArt Museum(Pretoria, 2007), Neue Babylon (Berlin, 2007) and the National Museum of Brazil (Brasilia, 2009).

His performances of Music & Live Animation and Films were also presented in The National Gallery (London),WalterReadeTheater-LincolnCenter(New York),IFCCenter(New York), Symphony Space Theatre (New York), Directors Guild Theatre (New York), Liberty Hall Theatre (Dublin) and in Le Centre des Congrès de Nantes (Nantes).

Critics recognize Mariusz Wilczyński as a representative of artistic and experimental animation.

Wilczyński uses a specific, surreal way of storytelling, based on the logic of dream associations. He creates his films in an innovative technique, invented by him. He is the scriptwriter, the director, a very distinctive drawer, animator and cinematographer. All these features add up to a very personal and individual idiom of the artist, which is why his films are recognizable at first glance.

When recommending the retrospective of Mariusz Wilczyński in MoMa, Joshua Siegel – film curator at theMuseumofModern Art, said: “Wilczyński is among the greatest animation artists in the contemporary world.”

The New York Times called Wilczyński “one of the most important contemporary authors of artistic animation.” (Dave Kehr, The New York Times, Friday, May 4, 2007).

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