concerts and flamenco dance mini-workshops

photo Sylwia Olszewska

A combination of music, dance and imagery. A Polish project presenting the art of flamenco, created jointly by members of the Café Cortao music and dance ensemble (members of the MEDITERALMA Associations of Aficionados of Mediterranean Culture), students of a dance studio specialising in flamenco and of photographer Maciej Byczkowski (ENSI ART).

Magdalena Siwecka dance / leader
Małgorzata Mieleszko – Myszka voice
Alicja Wołyńczyk soprano saxophone
Tomasz Skłodowski guitar
Maciej Skórzewski cajón

dancers of the Dance Studio at the Ballet School in Warsaw:

Agata Alsad, Katarzyna Borowska, Joanna Cichocka, Marlena Drygas, Joanna Horoń,  Beata Jeż, Antonina Jeżewska, Agnieszka Jóźwiak, Barbara Kruszka, Katarzyna Maćkiewicz, Monika Maksymczak, Katarzyna Osuch, Julia Otręba, Małgorzata Pawłowska, Beata Petrova, Elżbieta Światełko-Nachtlicht, Magdalena Turalska, Teresa Wasilewska, Katarzyna Rachuta-Wierniewska, Ewa Wojtacka, Małgorzata Zawitaj, Jolanta Ziomek

Maciej Byczkowski visualisation


photo Marlena Prószyńska

At its concerts, CAFÉ CORTAO COMPAÑÍA FLAMENCA will present the wealth of the art of flamenco – both joyful pieces, imbued with force and energy, and works full of passion and drama. Through instrumental pieces, solo and ensemble dances, in which the dancers will use such typical flamenco accessories as fans, hats, bastons (canes) or bata de cola dresses, the artists will introduce the audience to the atmosphere and history of performed pieces. The stage will be ruled by rhythm and an extravaganza of emotions and colours – from sadness, suffering and longing to love of life above all else.

The concerts will be accompanied by a visualisation: Andalusia: Aire y Tierra created by photographer Maciej Byczkowski. A photographic collage composed of photographs typical toAndalusia. A personal and poetic form consisting of merging images of nature and architecture, portraits of artists and images from concerts, places of historical significance to the flamenco culture and the most enticing landscapes of this extraordinary region. A document from travels in the region in which Spanish, Arab, Jewish and Gypsy influences merge in a most unique manner.

The presentation was created especially for the dance performance and is composed so that the merging of images in the background and of the performers on stage enable the audience to participate in a magical event. For the duration of the concert it transports the viewer into the heart of one of the most beautiful regions in the world – the cradle of flamenco –Andalusia.


Magdalena Siwecka fot. Joanna Reńska

photo Joanna Reńska

Magdalena Siwecka

Magdalena Siwecka began her dancing career with classic, modern and folk dance. She graduated from the Theatre of Dance in Olsztynand from the “Contra” Modern Dance Ensemble (National Champion in modern dance). A student of renowned dancers and choreographers – Piotr Galiński and Jacek Łumiński. Siwecka graduated with a art history degree from WarsawUniversity, specialising in the history of costume, in particular of ballet costume.

She has been involved in flamenco dancing for 12 years, studying in Polandand in Spainwith such excellent dancers and teachers as Choni Pérez García, Isabel Bayón, Adella Campallo, Yasaray Rodriguez, Manuel Betanzos and Ángel Atienza.

A soloist in the CAFÉ CORTAO COMPAÑA FLAMENCA ensemble, Siwecka teaches flamenco dance in the “Triana”SchoolofFlamenco Danceand in the Dance Studio at theBalletSchoolinWarsaw.


Wizualizacja Aire y Tierra fot. Maciej Byczkowski

Wizualizacja Aire y Tierra photo Maciej Byczkowski

Maciej Byczkowski (ENSI ART)

Maciej Byczkowski creates presentations. He is also a traveller and photographer, musician and businessman. Creator of many exhibitions and of photographs used in various publications. He is fascinated by impressionism as a form which enables one to notice in one image its many implications thanks to light and illusion. His output is most often referred to as “impressionistic photography from the frontier of worlds”.

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